WCBS Statement 19th December 2018

Lausanne, December 19, 2018

PRESS RELEASE / WCBS Statement 19th December 2018

According to the decision taken unanimously at the Extraordinary General Assembly (EGA) held on 16th August 2018, if the IBSF and WPBSA did not have a formal Agreement in place by the 16th December 2018, both parties would have their WCBS membership automatically terminated.

Unfortunately, such a formal Agreement has not been reached and therefore the WCBS has no alternative but to follow the instructions of the EGA and declare that snooker is no longer represented by a member.

This is a regretful situation and it will now be the task for the remaining WCBS members to analyze on how snooker will be brought back as part of the family of Billiards. While snooker may be without membership for the present time from an administration perspective, the WCBS will continue to make sure snooker is included in any multi discipline events it become involved with.