Third World Games Gold Medal For Daniel Sanchez

After a good start, Marco Zanetti maintained a comfortable advantage over Daniel Sanchez, until the break. Then the situation inverted in favor of the Spanish Player, who finally dominated in a very technical encounter where many difficult positions had to be solved.

Zanetti kept his options to invert the match in his favor until the end. An unfortunate mistake in the equalizing inning closed the final battle. Daniel Sanchez wins his third World Games Gold Medal, giving him the sportive World Games qualification from the Organizer, the International World Games Association.

The Medals where awarded by the UMB President, Mr. Farouk El Barki together with the Mayor of the City of Wroclaw.

We are very grateful for the warm welcome that we at all times received from the Wroclaw public, and for the tremendous organization of the Games in General and the Cue Sports discipline in particular, that was in the hands of WCBS.

We thank all involved persons and sponsors that made this huge event possible.

Special thanks to the participating player for their sportive achievement and professional representation of our beloved sport.