The WCBS is a member of Sport Accord and ARISF.

Billiards Sports are sports that are based on the fundamental principle of fairness, equality and integrity. Billiards Sports players are taught the principles of fair play, honesty and integrity throughout their development and display it throughout their careers with often the whole complexion of a match changing on the honest declaration of a foul.

The WCBS through the WPBSA, an affiliate body within the WCBS has led the way with integrity and anti-corruption measures acting as a beacon for other sports with a high profile integrity case involving a snooker player which received wide acclaim. The WPBSA has taken strong stance against match fixing through the Members rules which are enforced on any competitor in a WPBSA Sanctioned event, including the World Snooker Main Tour.

The WPBSA has entered partnerships with the UK Gambling Commission and the International Centre for Sports Security to facilitate monitoring of betting patterns on the sport and act as an early warning indicator for potential risk areas. Through this monitoring, and experience in case history, the WPBSA have developed a detailed understanding of the risk areas for competition fixing and have embarked on a global education programme involving one to one player tutoring programmes, seminar style player tutoring programmes and will soon be rolling out an online computer based tool for all players to undertake.

Jason Ferguson from WPBSA was appointed to WCBS board to lead on integrity. Being able to call upon the experience of a former head of Economic and Specialist Crime at New Scotland Yard, Nigel Mawer the Chair of WPBSA Disciplinary Committee they have developed educational programmes and e-learning for WCBS members. Using the creditability built from WPBSA practices the WCBS can call on the best level of resources when it comes to sporting integrity. The WPBSA acts as the integrity advisor to the WCBS.

Rules and regulations

The WCBS adopts the disciplinary procedures of its respective member bodies.

World Anti-Doping Agency Code

Integrity: World Anti-Doping Code - Say No to Doping

The World Confederation of Billiards Sports fully supports and adopts the World Anti-Doping Code. All governing bodies for the various affiliated disciplines undertake pre-competition inspections of all venues carried out to ensure safety standards are met and are in line with local legislative requirements. Onsite medical staff are in place at all times during events. Guidance on prohibited substances is circulated to players.

The WCBS and its affiliated governing bodies have Anti-Doping Rules and regulations that are in force through all competitions.

WCBS Anti-Doping Committee

  • Marcin Krzeminski – chairman
  • Michael John – member
  • Jim Leacy – member


TUE – Therapeutic Use Exemptions

WCBS reports that we recognize the decisions of the national TUE committees. Competitors having TUE decisions must inform about that fact organizers of international billiard tournaments – at least 30 days before  the world and continental championships and 20 days before the other events. In case of any doubts, the tournament organizer may request confirmation of the player’s status in the WCBS Anti-Doping Commission.