About us

The World Confederation of Billiards Sports is the umbrella organisation that represents the three sports of Pool, Carom and Snooker. The board is currently made up of nine members with three votes for each sport.

The WCBS is a member of GAISF and ARISF

(Diagram 0.1: WCBS Disciplines)

The board is tasked by the WCBS constitution to deliver on the following thirteen objective whilst retaining and respecting the complete autonomy and independence of each Member, the governing bodies for Carom, Pool and Snooker, in the administration and running of their disciplines. The WCBS adopts the disciplinary procedures of its respective member bodies.



i) Sports Policy. To adopt a sports policy in conformity with the IOC Rules as defined under Article 30 of the Olympic Charter.
ii) Values. To promote and develop Billiards Sports based on human rights, democratic principles and social values of universal fraternity and solidarity, through international administrations and competitions, irrespective of nationality, race, religion, gender or politics.
iii) Recognition and Inclusion. To develop a close liaison with the IOC (including the ARISF and the ASOIF), the GAISF, and all other MSE organizations, in order to obtain optimal recognition for Billiards Sports and the WCBS. To seek inclusion of Billiards Sports in the Olympic Games, the World Games and all other MSE including two or more continents, as well as to assist regional bodies for inclusion of Billiards Sports into regional MSE.
iv) Promotion. To promote Billiards Sports internationally, especially to the youth of the world.
v) Rules and Format. To standardize competitive rules, guidelines and format of play for Billiards Sports worldwide.
vi) Regional and National Bodies. To advise and assist in the formation of Regional and National federations of Billiards Sports, and to promote the recognition of Billiards Sports by NOC’s whenever needed.
vii) Activities and Rules. To print and publicize the activities, events and rules of the WCBS and of other sports organizations connected to Billiards Sports.
viii) Public Relations. To promote and advertise all Billiards Sports via public sports authorities, NOC’s, press media, television networks, Internet, etc., and maintain a regular information network between the Members.
ix) Referees. To liaise with the Referees Association under each Member and maintain a register of qualified International Referees for deployment in WCBS and/or MSE events.
x) Education. To promote proper education of Instructors and Coaches through recognized academies in order to enhance the skill levels of play.
xi) WCBS Events. To develop WCBS events including disciplines from all Members, for men, women and youth in both individual and team formats.
xii) Anti-Doping. The WCBS recognizes the WADA Anti-Doping Code and is determined to do its outmost in order to keep Billiards Sports free from any and all performance-enhancing drugs. The WCBS Anti-Doping Rules are in accordance with the WADA Anti-Doping Code.
xiii) Other Objectives. To do all other things necessary, that are incidental and conducive to the attainment and enhancement of the aims and objectives of the WCBS.