World Anti-Doping Agency Code

Integrity: World Anti-Doping Code - Say No to Doping


The World Confederation of Billiards Sports fully supports and adopts the World Anti-Doping Code. All governing bodies for the various affiliated disciplines undertake pre-competition inspections of all venues carried out to ensure safety standards are met and are in line with local legislative requirements. Onsite medical staff is in place at all times during events. Guidance on prohibited substances is circulated to players.

The WCBS and its affiliated governing bodies have Anti-Doping Rules and regulations that are in force through all competitions.

WCBS Anti-Doping Committee

  • Marcin Krzeminski (Poland) – chairman
  • Jim Leacy (Ireland) – member
  • Herbert Thuer ( Austria) – member
  • Grieta Steenkamp (South Africa) – member

Contact WCBS Anti-Doping Committee

Tel: +48 602 196-206

TUE – Therapeutic Use Exemptions

WCBS reports that we recognize the decisions of the national TUE committees. Competitors having TUE decisions must inform about those facts to the organizers of international billiard tournaments – at least 30 days before the world and continental championships and 20 days before the other events. In case of any doubts, the tournament organizer may request confirmation of the player’s status in the WCBS Anti-Doping Commission.